• There is only one rule in home exterior design:

    There are no rules.

    Designers are using every conceivable color combination (as well as mixing siding textures and styles) to create distinctive exterior designs with a modern sensibility. You can do the same thing with your home. The optimum color blend has the power to bring out the best features of your home while disguising its flaws. A mix of dark and light colors can accentuate interesting architectural elements, while a mix of similar colors can tone down awkward areas. Bright tones can make a home seem larger or call attention to a features while darker tones can make a home appear to recede. Whatever your color goal is, CertainTeed can help you reach it.

  • Trends from the experts

    Strong Colors

    Architects and designers are increasingly making use of dark colors for exterior walls. Darker roof colors harmonize with deep blues, greens and browns for quiet drama that adds stability. A more neutral roof color allows a strong siding color to stand out and really showcase your home.

  • Trends from the experts

    Dark Trim

    Dark trim colors work well to frame a home, outlining architectural details, windows or doors. When you use dark trim, choose a roof color that matches or is a shade lighter than the trim to produce an anchored, coordinated appeal. When using high contrast trim, it’s important to balance its location on the home; it should not dominate any one area.

  • Trends from the experts

    Multiple Colors

    The use of two or more exterior wall colors with varied trim colors is part of a trend seen around the country. Secondary colors (also known as accent colors) are used within gables or on additions in most cases. On the safe side, you can mix two colors from the same color family. If you choose to mix color families, consider using one neutral color and be sure to keep in mind the roof color. Two strong siding colors can be combined, but we suggest you use CertainTeed’s visualization tools to get a better idea of whether the colors work well together.

  • What is Your Color Comfort?

    Our user friendly color tools are designed to help you every step of the way. This chart shows which tool will work best for your color comfort level. Visit http://certainteed.com/colortools to learn more.


  • tip1

    Look for color palette ideas in your surroundings, including landscaping, trees and gardens in your neighborhood and the larger area where you live. The colors you pick for your interior walls can also influence your exterior walls.

  • tip2

    You may be inspired by your neighbors’ color schemes, but it is a good idea to avoid copying them exactly and best to create your own unique combination that sets your home apart. In most cases, you want your home to fit in but not clash with nearby buildings.

  • tip3

    You need to first consider the appearance of any features on the home that will remain unchanged and harmonize your siding color with them. This includes roofing, masonry, stone, stairways, doors, etc.

  • tip4

    If your home’s architectural style is very distinct (Colonial, Greek Revival, etc.) you will get best results if your color selection and treatment complements its original design.

  • Start with a Big Splash

    No single element of your home’s exterior has a more profound impact on its overall look than siding. CertainTeed offers over 40 color choices for this important part of your home’s design.

    From cool or warm hues, as well as blends and stains, choose one of these siding color palettes that best reflects what you want for your exterior personality. Once you dive in with your siding choice, the next step is selecting accent and trim colors. For these elements you can stay within your color palette or combine with another color palette to create your vision – it’s up to you. Use the color trends and tools, as well as the six basic color combination principles on the following pages, as your guide.

  • As well as with each other, this color group works well with most cool grays and many of the browns/reds palette. Greens combine easier with lighter shades from the warm tans/yellows, warm grays and yellow browns palettes and the darker shades from the blues palette.

  • Yellow browns work very well with the tans/yellows palette. This group also works well with most colors from the greens, warm grays and browns/reds palettes. Dark green and dark blue work best with lighter shades from this palette. Careful thought is advised when combining with cool grays.

  • Colors within the blue palette can combine easily with each other and work very well with cool grays. Lighter shades from the brown/reds, yellow browns, tans/yellows and warm grays palettes work easier with blues. Darker blues work easier with greens.

  • Tans/yellows work very well with the yellow browns palette. They also work well with most colors from the greens, warm grays and browns/reds palettes. Blues and greens work best with lighter shades from this palette. Careful thought is advised when combining with cool grays.

  • These shades of brown and red can be used together, or also combined with a color from the tans/yellows, yellow browns or warm grays palettes. Dark green and dark blue accents work with all colors in this palette, while lighter shades of cool gray work best with darker shades of red.

  • These neutral colors show a hint of blue or green. Combinations within this palette create a unified appearance. Cool grays work best with blues and greens, however Autumn Red makes a great accent for a cool gray home. Colonial White and Snow from this palette can be combined with any color.

  • These neutral colors have a yellow, orange or red tones. Groupings within this palette create a monochromatic look. As a general rule, warm grays work easier with shades of browns, tans, reds and yellows. However, an accent of blue, green or even cool gray can work with more exploration.

  • Details Create the Personality

    There are infinite ideas for finishing gables, windows, corners, columns, railings, porches, decks and more. From the curb to the peak of your home, CertainTeed provides a complete selection of finishing touches to add the perfect personality for your home.

  • wow-factor-slide2

    Details Create the Personality

    CertainTeed offers two types of trim that can be combined or used independently, enabling you to add customized elements to your exterior design. Restoration Millwork® cellular PVC adds authenticity to any home’s exterior; it cuts, mills, shapes and routs like top-grade lumber so it can be hand-crafted to create unique designs. It can also be painted with Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe™ paint colors, for even more design flexibility.

  • Details Create the Personality

    Vinyl Carpentry® is a complete line of coordinating decorative trim and accessories designed to add distinction to windows, doors, corners, gables and frieze boards. From soffit and lineals, to crown mouldings for windows and doors, each piece has been created to enhance the look of your home. Vinyl Carpentry components are available in a wide variety of colors to coordinate with all CertainTeed siding materials.

  • LivingSpaces_p1

    Now that you’ve given your home a beautiful face lift, it’s time to step outside and think about patios and decks, play areas and open-air porches. It’s time to create your own personal outdoor Living Space.

  • Create an Open-air Room

    Create an outdoor room for every occasion, whether it’s a porch, overlook, balcony, patio or just a shady corner. In the home at right, multiple decks overlook the water. From the ruggedly beautiful shake-style siding to deck and rail, every exterior element is designed to stay beautiful with hardly a care – so you can spend more time with friends and family.

  • Decking


  • Fence

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